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Amelia A. Kolsorwicz (1935 - 2019)

Amelia “Millie” “Mimi” Kolosewicz, of Haydenville, Massachusetts, passed away peacefully after a brief illness on April 3, 2019, in Leeds, Massachusetts at the age of 94. Amelia was born during a blizzard on January 8, 1925, in Hadley, Massachusetts. She was one of 12 children born to hard-working, Polish immigrants Michael and Eleanor Leona (Banas) Koloszycz. Millie recalled walking “cross-lots” through the fields to the one-room schoolhouse near present-day Hartsbrook and enjoyed picking pears along the way. Just before starting the 4th grade, she moved with her family to a farm in Haydenville, where she would live for the rest of her life. She and her siblings helped work the farm with their parents, who paid them a penny per pail for the rocks they picked to clear the land so that they could plant vegetables and grow hay for their animals. She attended Williamsburg schools and worked picking cucumbers, blueberries, and other produce at local farms. She had a job picking apples at the orchard on the top of Walpole Road, where the ground was covered with poison ivy, which she tried to avoid but got her anyway. As an adult, she worked at Pro Brush in Florence, where she did many jobs, such as packing, sorting, and checking the quality of the toothbrushes and combs. It was hard work, but she kept at it for decades. Mimi cherished a simple life. She was an avid reader and loved the poetry of Robert Frost. She enjoyed rambling along the banks of Beaver Brook, which ran through their farm, and would often pack a lunch and make a day of it. She was always excited to catch a glimpse of a deer, some turkeys, or a bear. Mimi was never married, never had children, and never had a driver’s license. Always willing to help, she was an extra mother and caregiver to many of the babies that came into the family, including her younger siblings, and generations of nieces and nephews. She was a wonderful playmate who created countless cherished memories of counting clams in the brook, playing “cars” on her porch, reading “scandal sheets,” and yodeling. She always had iced tea and sandwiches ready for visitors and a cool cloth for your forehead on a hot day. When she was 89 years old she began a new chapter that gave her life so much joy. She had a new great grandnephew, Wren, and she faithfully helped babysit him on Wednesdays, followed by a family dinner. Mimi and Wren became the best of friends. Just over nine months ago, Wren was joined by a baby brother, Ellis, whom he shared with Mimi. Even at 94, Mimi would hold Ellis and her face would light up with happiness. Everyone said, “Those boys kept her young!” Amelia was predeceased by her parents, brothers Maxie, Edwin, Waldemar, John, Anthony, Richard, and sisters Helen, Ann Pavelcsyk, and Mary O’Brien. She is survived by her brother, Gene Koloszycz of Aurora, Colorado, her sister Julia Kellogg of Williamsburg, her niece Maureen Crocker, Maureen’s husband Fred, grandnieces Delia Crocker, Heather Crocker Aulenback, Heather’s husband Kelly, great grandnephews Wren and Ellis Aulenback, nieces Paula Pavelcsyk and Patty Tibbetts, and several close friends. A graveside service is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Monday, April 8, 2019, at St. Mary’s of the Assumption Cemetery in Leeds, Massachusetts. 

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