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Lloyd Woodchuck Cutting

Lloyd “Woodchuck: Cutting died March 8thleaving a grieving family of friends, both 4 footed and 2 footed. He understood and respected all animals and had zero tolerance of humans who abused them.  All his 84 years Lloyd knew his way in the woods. Known throughout New England as the best gate man, Lloyd was welcomed by horse teamsters, ox teamsters, pleasure horses and riders, show animals events and 4- H youth for cheerful guidance. He was a trusted fixture at all country fairs.

Lloyd was predeceased by his beloved wife, Phyllis and young son. His ashes will rest with theirs once the ground thaws.

A celebration of Lloyds life is planned for the summer. Help with this or any expenses will be welcomed by Louie and Gloria Cross @ P.O. Box 171 Williamsburg, MA 01096 and Nan Clark @ 413-296-4743. The Williamsburg Funeral Home is entrusted with his cremation.

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