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James V. “Jim” White

James V. “Jim” White, 79, died of cancer at home in Florence, Massachusetts on May 5, 2021. He is remembered with love by his wife of 55 years, Linda Szabo White; his sister Pamela Eldridge; his children Esther S White and Ariel Szabo; his in-laws David Szabo, Melody Wing, Alexander Kahn, and James Murrin; and his grandchildren Solomon Szabo Kahn and Haskel Szabo Kahn, who know him as “Jimbo.” Jim grew up in Hammond, Indiana. He was predeceased by his parents, Victor A. White and Betta Jean White.

Jim was an avid musician and a lifelong learner. When he met Linda, he impressed her with his beautiful piano playing and improvisational skills. Later, he played the recorder in chamber music groups around the Boston area and went on to learn to play the clarinet, saxophone, and violin. Even after he stopped playing music himself, he was always interested in hearing new music and enjoyed continually improving his hi-fi equipment and listening room.

Jim earned his PhD in acoustical engineering from Harvard University and went on to work for decades at TASC in Reading, MA. One of his favorite projects was for the government, using sonar technology to locate submarines. His colleagues described him as “ahead of his time” and a great mentor. He was interested in trying new technology and methodology. Later, he worked as an independent consultant out of his family’s home in Cambridge. He retired in 2009. After retirement, Jim immersed himself in studying astronomy and listening to music.

Jim was a playful father and grandparent. He is remembered with great fondness. His sense of humor was unique. He had a contagious laugh. He was open-minded and curious. He was also incredibly methodical. Esther remembers her dad systematically trying the custard desserts at all of the restaurants they went to, enjoying the quest for the perfect panna cotta or crème brûlée. He shared his love for music with his children. Ariel remembers learning to play the recorder with him, and singing her favorite songs while he played the piano. He taught his children to cook, and told stories about his own father, who had worked as a short-order cook as a young man, teaching him to cook eggs. After retirement, Jim had a small bowl of ice cream every afternoon. He loved animals and garden flowers and sitting quietly in the sun, watching the wind in the trees.

Williamsburg Funeral Home has been entrusted with Jim's arrangements.

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