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Marshall l. Stiles 1984 -2022

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Marshall died peacefully in his sleep on 9/22/22. He is survived by his parents Jerome Stiles and Sheree L. Greenwood, his girlfriend Collen Robbins and her daughter Janelle, his siblings Rebecca and Naomi and their spouses Nick and Andy, his nieces and nephews Dimitri, Xavier, Grace, and Cora, His grandmothers, Naoma Stiles and Jenny Greenwood, his favorite uncle an cousin Sam and Krysta, his aunt Cris and his uncle Boba, his cousins Shawn, Jason, and Brian Pattison, Leslie, Ryan, and Taylor Greenwood, and Wayne Mitchel ,his dog Mishka, and his non-biological family members Aubrey, Kristen, Kurt, Vanessa, and Shawn. He was predeceased by his grandfather Neil Stiles, his uncle Randy, his aunt Ginny, and his cousin Neil.

He graduated on 2/24/2012 from the Dept. of Corrections Recruit Training Class #310 and was initially posted as a Corrections Officer to MCI Shirley. He was then promoted to Sargent and assigned to MCI Cedar Junction. He also was a Licensed Construction Supervisor for the State of Massachusetts.

Marshall was born in the midst of an ice storm, January 24, 1984. We should have known then that having this child would be a wild ride. A 15-minute trip took almost an hour as the sand truck went off the road closing the road, the alternative route was closed due to an accident, and a 9-mile trip became well over 30 even before he entered the world. From the day he arrived he impacted everyone he met. He had a great many talents and excelled at most of them.

He was a dangerously good cook. Always creating the most unexpected most delicious creations he could think of. If only we were lucky enough for him to have written them down so we to could indulge in making the master pieces, or even a slight indication on how long to cook the steak for. Somehow he never missed a beat on any of his meals no matter if he was just freshly off of a double and had been awake for what seemed like days on end. Cooking always brought a smile to his face once he saw how happy the consumers were.

He was a great carpenter, starting to show interest from a very young age. His first project was a club house that he built with his cousin Neil, followed quickly by a King Truss Bridge over the Naultaug Brook. These 2 projects were completed by the age of 10. This was quickly followed by his dog house building business, main supplier of homemade wooden swords and axes to the Scottish Design House of Ware, MA and his button business. By the time he was 14 his income was so good that there was discussion that he would need to file taxes. He received his Construction Supervisor License by the time he was 21, and worked full time with his favorite carpenter friends from high school, Shawn and Vanessa. On larger jobs he was well known to the architects, not always in a good way, because he could recognize from the building plans that something wasn’t going to work out well. They didn’t always listen to him and weeks later would have to make changes, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars, because he had been correct. When riding with him he would point out the different structures he had built. Those buildings will be around for a very long time.

He was a chess champion in elementary school winning numerous tournaments between 1st and 3rd grade. He often beat his father and was known to play with prisoners at times. He was also a member of a scholastic chess group run by Dr. Josef Vatnikov, Coach to the University of Moscow Chess Team for 25 years, as well coach to the World Champion Anatoly Karpov.

There was no doubt that he was a firearm enthusiast and his friend Vanessa will very much miss the times they spent at the range not only shooting but also discussing the woes of life. He purchased his first gun at about 12 years old when him and his mother went to an estate sale. It was an old, single shot, black powder, rabbit gun that no longer worked and weighed a lot. He purchased this while bidding against his mother who was trying to buy it for him.

He was an accomplished football player from the age of 12 and was eventually recruited by Fitchburg State to play football. He played with the Quaboag Panthers, the Tantasqua High School Warriors, and the Fitchburg State College Falcons.

Marshall was an ardent sports enthusiast with lots of screaming every Sunday as he personally coached the Pats from his couch with his friends and family. This matter was never taken lightly. We would be surrounded by food he had prepared and drinks to indulge in together while we celebrated regardless of the loss or win. Although the wins were always much more celebratory.

He was recognized by John Hopkins University in Mathematics for having scored higher on the SATs than the average 12 grade student while he was still in the eighth grade.

He was an ardent debater and whoa to those that did not have their facts straight, were mean to his friends, or was not a “real person”. As a wise woman told me once “Marshall was like a burnt marshmallow. All black and crispy on the outside and perfectly gooey on the inside.” He will be remembered by most everyone he ever met. Sometimes with fond memories other times with frustrating irritation.

There will never be enough time and space to express all of the wonders and joys that he brought to the people he loved and that loved him. He was the first one to offer the shirt off of his back with no desire to be recognized for the good he was doing. The most genuine, loyal, honest and open minded (as long as it wasn’t political) soul that one could meet. He always loved his time on Nantucket with his beloved chosen family Kurt and Kristen. This is just the tip of what really lied underneath, he was sentimental, self-sufficient always willing to break his back if it meant someone else’s would feel better the following morning. He loved all his friend’s children and he always had an outstanding way of making sure any child felt safe and secure. If they needed a person jungle gym, he was there on standby to help them walk across the ceiling or lift them up to reach the monkey bars. A music enthusiast with a very diverse taste in all genres. An amazing dancer. And we cannot express enough how much we all feel the weight of this loss. Everyone that knew Marshall knows he would have done anything for the people he loved. All of his friends would agree that he will be missed dearly and can never be replaced in their hearts. There will always be a spot there was for Marshall.

Calling hours will take place on 10/4 at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center, 366 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566 from 12pm to 2pm and 3pm to 6pm. There will be a separate area for attendees to meet, share their thoughts and memories from 2pm to 7pm. Light snacks will be provided and there will be a cash bar.

For those wishing to make a donation in his name there is a go fund me account set up for Jenelle at

Or to Supporting Orphans Nationally and Globally at

There will be a private Celebration of Life Ceremony for family and close friends at a later date.


"The only measure of your worth and your deeds will be the love you leave behind when you're gone." - John Allston

Williamsburg Funeral Home was entrusted with his cremation.

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